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Dallas GameMadCool Dallas Game

Game Instructions:
You are controlling the driller of an oil well. Use the arrow keys of your keyboard to move the head of the pipeline around in the maze. Be aware that the pipeline grows while moving. Press the space button for moving back the pipeline. A level is completed as soon as all points in the maze are collected. Beware of the monsters, which crawl through the maze and can destroy your pipeline! You can defend your pipeline by withdrawing or by crushing the monsters with the pipeline's head. The game has eight levels of increasing difficulty and speed, the last level is repeated until the game ends or the player surrenders. Note that the time for completing a level is limited! Dallas was created by Ulrich Kreuzeder.

You are rewarded with an extra life every 1000 scored points. The maximum are five lifes.
point Point 10
monster Monsters 50

Goodies are moving objects, which unfold special abilities, when collected by the pipeline head. They do not damage the pipeline! The effect of a goodie vanishes after 20 seconds.
Cup Cup 200 extra points.
Heart Heart Gains an extra life.
Time Clock Increases the time for completing the level.
Bomb Bomb All visible monsters disappear.
Shoe Shoe Increase pipeline speed.

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