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FoxTrot by Bill AmendMadCool FoxTrot by Bill Amend

FoxTrot is a comic strip by the talented Bill Amend, that is making people smile in daily newspapers nationwide! There aren't many FoxTrot website around, so enjoy one of the few sites dedicated to this comic strip! If you have any FoxTrot materials, feel free to submit it to us, and we'll credit you for it.

FoxTrot by Bill Amend
RogerRoger: Father, husband and corporate cog. Still trying to master the technologies of the 1970s. Subscribes to the "Let-Mom-handle-it" philosophy of crisis management. Sports nut.

PaigePaige High-school freshman, yet queen of the mall. Desperately waiting for Mr. Right to come along. Or Mr. Almost-Right. Or Mr. Almost-Almost-Right. Driven nuts by younger brother. Very well-read, if one counts Cosmo.

AndyAndy Mother, housewife, writer and grievance mediator. Always wanted to have lots of children; now knows better. Cooks a mean -- if not downright cruel -- tofu casserole. Sanest of the lot.

JasonJason The younger brother. 10 years old and too smart for his own -- or his family's -- good. Loves math, science, comic books and tormenting his sister. Hobbies include plans for world domination.

PeterPeter High-school junior with a senior-size ego. Bottomless stomach. Often forgets that football, soccer and baseball are meant to be played outdoors -- at least not in the living room. Procrastinator without equal.

QuincyQuincy Jason's pet iguana. Eats, sleeps, throws up on Paige's pillow. The perfect pet.

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